Client Stories

“Mike has been a caregiver for 9 years. Mike also provided excellent care for his mother. He has never missed a day of work rain, snow or road closures, you can count on him being there. Mike works 7 days a week and travels about 1 hour each way. He is an excellent worker and his clients always look forward to to seeing him. Mike has a good sense of humor– he makes his clients laugh and brightens their days.”

“I just wanted to thank At Home Solutions for sending someone over on such short notice. It is appreciated more than you know. Thank Patty, the caregiver, for going above and beyond while taking care of my dad. It made him smile and I like to see that. Again, thank you all for what you do, it is a gift.” – C.G.

“We want to praise Steve’s caregiver. Not only does she always lift his spirits with her visits, but recently she solved a problem we’ve been having about a piece of medical equipment. We wanted to make sure you were aware of what an exceptional employee you have . . . .” – S.M. & W.M.

“My dad’s caregiver was such a blessing to our whole family and words cannot express how he touched all of our lives.” – D. W. & C.W. and family.

“I wanted to write you and your staff a letter of appreciation for the wonderful care you gave to my former mother-in-law. As her primary caregiver, it meant so much to me to know I could count on you to “fill in” for the times I could not be with her. Your care was compassionate, professional, and reliable. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Your business is run smoothly and efficiently from the client’s perspective. I was always able to reach someone (even after hours) if I had a question. Caregivers arrived and left on time. They performed the duties I outlined for them. And most important of all, (she) felt safe and cared for while the caregivers were there. If her health hadn’t diminished to the point that she needed a group home, you would still be providing care for her.

We thank you for all that you did for her and for us and hope you will continue to be able to provide the quality care that you displayed to us. It is badly needed in this environment of “custodial care” to the elderly. We will gladly recommend your facility to anyone in need of your services. – L. W., Nurse Practitioner

Caregiver Stories

“When I first started working with J he could barely walk from the bedroom to the hall bathroom. To encourage J to practice walking, I set up a team approach. J used his walker, I held his arm to stabilize him, and his wife followed behind with his wheel chair. We started with 20 feet a day and worked up to 200 feet. After 3 months of practice, J went Christmas shopping with his wife for the first time in three years. I think it’s wonderful I can give J the specialized attention he requires in the comfort of his own home.”  – L. O., Casa Grande

“My client JR can neither speak nor write because of a stroke. When I first met J, he exhibited frustration and depression at his inability to express himself. To make communication possible for him, I created a homemade communication board by writing the alphabet and numbers 1-10 in an oversized font on a poster board. Now J points out the letters/numbers and his caregiver or wife spell out the words on a notepad. Helping clients like J actively participate in their lives is the most gratifying part of my job.” – A. D., Mesa