Who will pay for what is needed?

As with anything in life – you get what you pay for. Employing staff that have specific knowledge, skills and licensure is not cheap, so if you find an agency that seems like a “bargain”, be cautious. You are entrusting them with someone’s life.

That being said, within the level of service you are seeking, rates should be very similar amongst agencies. It is important to be sure that you are comparing apples with apples, of course. For instance, do not compare rates of a skilled nursing agency to a supportive care agency; they will always be very different due to the licensure of staff employed. If you discover a company that is very low or high, ask questions. Too low of a rate could mean a company that is not providing education and oversight to their staff, while an agency that is at the high end might be charging for things you do not need. Keep in mind the level of care that is appropriate to your situation.

The following is a list of common ways to pay for home care within Arizona:

Veterans Administration

The Veterans Administration has several programs for veterans in need of home care assistance. At Home Solutions is contracted with the Southern Arizona VA to provide housekeeping, home health aide and respite services for veterans. Additional programs, such as Aid and Attendance and Housebound Benefits are also available for veterans who qualify. Click here for more information regarding these two pension programs.


The most commonly asked question we receive is, “Will Medicare coverage pay for this?”. The answer is yes and no.

  • If skilled nursing care is necessary and a doctor has written an order for it, then yes, there should be some Medicare coverage for those eligible. You will have to find out what is specifically covered and for how long. Very often the Medicare coverage helps with only a portion of what is needed.
  • If skilled nursing is not necessary, and supportive care, adult care home placement or assisted living placement is sought, then the answer is no, Medicare will not cover these types of services.

For more information on Medicare coverage, click here. You will be redirected to the federal web site of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), consumer branch. The phone number for CMS is 1-800-633-4227.


What is Medicaid? It is a state and federally funded health care program requiring the recipient to meet income requirements determined by the state in order to be eligible. Click here for eligibility requirements.

Arizona is fairly unique, as it has one of only a very few managed health care systems in the nation for its senior and disabled population who have chronic, long term illnesses.

Arizona Long Term Care (ALTCS) provides persons with chronic, long term illnesses a case manager to assist in managing their care and determining the appropriate level of care they need. These services include in-home supportive care, nursing care and facility placement.

Within this system, family members can be paid to care for an eligible family member. At Home Solutions is a contracted agency within the ALTCS system, currently employing family members through Bridgeway and Mercy Care plans within Arizona.

Private Pay

  • Click here for tips on how to better access and allocate funds, such as life insurance and annuities.
  • Conversion mortgages, or reverse mortgages, can offer some people a way to pay for their in-home care and medical bills. Click here for more information about this mortgage program.