Your Home, Your Way

At Home Solutions caregivers and office staff have a deep respect for the dignity and individuality of each client. When our caregivers enter a new home, they know that it is essential for them to learn that particular client’s preferences and his or her specific needs. We adapt to our client’s way of doing things rather than the other way around. Our clients and their family members have told us that this is a great comfort, so we wouldn’t consider doing things any other way.

“When I go into a client’s home, I ask them about their preferences right from the beginning. I’ll ask them ‘How do you prefer for me to clean this?’ or ‘How do you prefer to do showers?’ We cover those sorts of things right away at the beginning of working with a new client and then I just remember each time how they like things done. That’s very important to them. It would make our clients very nervous for someone to uproot the way they do things, so we go with what they like to do. It really relaxes them to know that things are going to be done like they do it.”
– Caregiver from Casa Grande

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