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An Interview with a Home Care Agency

Posted on: February 14th, 2013 by Kim McCreery No Comments
Home Care Coordinator, Sue Burke

Home Care Coordinator, Sue Burke

Home Care Coordinator Sue Burke shares why and how At Home Solutions is different with a
potential client and his adult son.

Recently I received a phone call from a gentleman who wanted to arrange home care services for his dad. I scheduled a visit with both of them, expecting to do a new client intake. Instead, the son asked to “interview” me and the company. He asked a lot of questions, such as how long had At Home Solutions been in business and how long had I worked for the company. I told him the company has been in business over ten years and that I have been with the company for nine and a half years. I explained how I began my career with the company by caring for my mother and later caring for other clients. I had worked as a home care aide for five years when I was offered the position of Home Care Coordinator. He next asked if I liked my job and I told him, yes, very much. He asked what I thought about At Home Solutions. I told him it was a great company to work for, and that we were recently named a top 25 work place for women by AZ magazine.

The son then asked if his dad would have one dedicated caregiver. I told him yes, but that there may be times when the aide may not be able to come because of illness or car trouble. I assured him if that was the case, I would send someone else out or I would provide the care myself. When he asked how I would introduce a worker to his dad, I told him I would personally bring the caregiver out to meet his dad and go over the care plan and tasks with her. Since he lived out of state, the son was concerned about staying informed about his dad’s health and care. I told him I would provide weekly updates on his dad’s doctor appointments and his well being. At the end of our meeting, the son said he and his dad were interviewing other agencies and would decide which company to hire later that

The next morning I received a call from the son. He and his dad had chosen At Home Solutions. I asked him what stood out about our company. He said the length of time in business and my answers to his many questions. He stated the other companies weren’t as confident when answering some of his questions and couldn’t guarantee the same caregiver or back-up staffing.

We encourage clients and family members to do their due diligence when considering in home care. If you would like a list of suggested questions to ask when interviewing a home care agency click here. We strive hard to offer personal, customized care that you can count on!


Beating the Senior Holiday Blues

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The holidays can be a joyful season but they can be a difficult time of year too, especially for older seniors.  Many older seniors have outlived their spouses and friends. They may live alone and not have family or their family may live in another state. Or, they may have difficulty getting out of the house to participate in activities.  Sadly, these older folks can become easily depressed.

Fortunately, there are ways to help seniors beat the holidays blues. Sometimes it as simple as visiting an older loved one with cookies in hand to chat about pleasant past holiday memories.  Or providing transportation and companionship for a church holiday service. For more ways to help seniors enjoy the holiday season, click on the following link. Helping-Seniors-Beat-the-Holiday-Blues_At-Home-Solutions.pdf

And remember if your time is at a premium this season, think about hiring an agency like At Home Solutions to help with your loved one.  Our compassionate caregivers are trained and screened in companion care, personal care, housekeeping, meal preparation, and transportation.  A few hours a week of  friendly help in the home can make a big difference in the life of a senior and provide you with peace of mind!






Welcome to Kim’s Blog

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Welcome to my blog where I will be sharing heart-warming, inspirational, and often humorous caregiving thoughts, ideas, stories, and more.  Helping older adults, adults with disabilities, and those recovering from an illness or injury is both a passion and a privilege for me. After 15 years in the home care industry, I have a lot of tried and true information to share–information which can benefit seniors, their spouses, and their adult children as they navigate the often challenging journey of aging. Most seniors want to stay in their homes as long as possible. Our in-home caregiving services and partnerships turn this wish into a comfortable and safe reality.