Hearing Issues and Solutions for Seniors

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Hearing Loss FAQs
The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders provides answers to some frequently asked questions concerning seniors and hearing loss on this National Institute of Health site.

Fact Sheet: Buying a Hearing Aid
This fact sheet informs on necessary steps and issues involving purchasing a hearing aid, courtesy of the American Academy of Otolaryngology.

Guides to Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants
Quick guides available from Healthy Hearing provide online information on hearing aids, hearing loss, tinnitus and other topics associated with hearing loss.

Signs of Hearing Loss
This article on Caring.com details symptoms of hearing loss to watch for in older adults, and hearing tests that can help pinpoint the causes of hearing loss.

American Speech-Language Hearing Association
A quick test to determine if hearing is a problem is the first option on this site containing resources for those suffering from hearing loss, as well as resources for their caregivers.

Sound Advice About Age-Related Hearing Loss
FDA Consumer Magazine offers useful advice for hearing loss and explores the causes and options for those with presbycusis (prez-buh-KYOO-sis).

Senior Ears: Hearing Loss and Aging
Jones Hearing Centers provides educational information about hearing loss and aging, including consequences of delayed treatment and common causes of hearing loss.

Center for Hearing and Communication
This site contains a wealth of information for all audiences on hearing loss.

Warning Signs Care May Be Needed

Options to Pay for Care