Independent living – it’s the goal behind everything we do. Personal Response Systems (also known as Medical Alert Systems) are a valuable component of the At Home Solutions plan to help our senior and disabled clients remain in their homes as long as possible—both comfortably and safely.

We work with the American Medical Alert Corporation (AMAC) Personal Monitoring Systems. This client-worn pendant allows clients to contact a response center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through a 2-way call unit with the simple click of a button.

Personal Response System

Some features that deliver extra peace of mind:

  • The trained response team has the client’s medical history as well as the names and phone numbers of family members or other important contacts like friends, neighbors and doctors.

  • The monitoring unit self tests once a month by communicating with the main response center via a toll free number to verify that it is working properly and communicating with the alert pendant.
  • Daily activity reports are faxed to At Home Solutions by the response center. The activity reports notify local staff if a battery is running low or some other type of maintenance needs to occur.
  • The system provides 24-hour battery backup in case of power outage.

If you are interested in learning more about Personal Response Systems / Medical Alert Systems, we’ll be happy to speak with you. Please contact your nearest At Home Solutions office.

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