Human Resources


Aflac, a supplemental employee-paid insurance program. Employees who are interested in learning more about what an Aflac policy would cover and what it would cost should call April Farrell at 480-363-6679. Click here for flyer, Aflac Information 2015

Individual health insurance. Employees who have questions on an existing policy or need information on how to obtain health insurance for themselves and/or their family, please contact Jennifer Goedken, licensed health and life insurance broker, 480-773-2068 or

All employees are welcome to contact our Human Resources Department with questions or concerns regarding their employment, benefits or payroll.

The following information should be forwarded to Human Resources immediately. It cannot be completed by your local office.

  • Requests for wage verification
  • Requests for employment verification
  • Past employee wage or employment verification
  • Wage garnishment questions or information

Your Human Resources Contact:

  • Melissa Wernet, Business Manager

Phone: 888-496-3983
Fax: 480-393-5274
Fax: 520-836-4271