Guaranteed Staffing

We know that our clients are depending on us. But it is also a reality of this uncertain world that there will be times when a flat tire or unforeseen illness will prevent a caregiver from working as scheduled. That’s why we have established a tried-and-true back-up plan that allows us to provide uninterrupted care. Our team approach is a key component of that plan. When we establish a relationship with each new client, we take care to introduce several members of our team—both office staff and alternate caregivers. Those team members are then responsible for providing care to that client when his or her regular caregiver is unable to work for a day or for an extended period. We’ve found that our clients are much more comfortable receiving care from a member of the back-up team they have already met.

“When clients come to our company from other agencies, many have had experiences in which their caregivers don’t show up. That can mean that family members have to leave work and go home to be with a parent or spouse who requires care. When they come to At Home Solutions, they see the difference immediately. If a scheduling challenge arises, our clients are always grateful that we’ve planned ahead.”
– Kim McCreery, Owner

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