Family Caregivers

Did you know that in Arizona, family members can be paid to provide home care for an eligible family member?

At Home Solutions currently employs nearly 60 family caregivers who have met the requirements of the Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) for Medicaid reimbursement. We have built a strong support system for these caregivers and would like to do the same for you. When you work with At Home Solutions to provide care for a loved one, we will:

  • Respect your caregiving experience: Many of the family caregivers who come to At Home Solutions have been providing informal care for their loved ones for some time. Our team will respectfully work with you to improve upon the skills you may have developed prior to joining us.
  • Provide extensive training: Our training program will enhance the caregiving skills you may already have developed and fill in any gaps. Our family caregivers tell us that this training improves the care they are able to provide and gives them a new level of confidence.
  • Deliver convenient training: Our dedicated training staff can work with your schedule to make training more convenient. We can also arrange home care coverage so that your loved one is receiving the care he or she needs while you attend training.
  • Bilingual training: Many of our family caregivers prefer to receive their training in Spanish and we are happy to accommodate that request.
  • Dedicated support: Before joining At Home Solutions, many of our family caregivers had no one to turn to when faced with a home care problem, question or difficult decision. One of our main roles is to act as an ongoing support system. If you need help along the way, we are there for you!

“When I started as a family caregiver caring for my son, there was no help. There was no one to turn to. I don’t have any family support at all. I’m here alone caring for my son. But with At Home Solutions, now I have someone to call. If I run into a problem, I’ve got some place to turn. There are so many questions that a person has as a caregiver that have to be answered.”                     – Casa Grande Family Caregiver

“At Home Solutions is there 150% for the patient PLUS the caregivers. They’re taking care of business! They’re my backbone. If I need them, they’re there – and that’s what it’s all about! They also put me through CPR and first aid training. I feel so confident now between studying the material and taking the monthly tests. There’s no comparison between now and when I started caring for my son in 2003. The training makes all the difference in the world!”

– Apache Junction Family Caregiver

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