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Caregivers Needed

Join our network! At Home Solutions caregivers are independent contractors who individually negotiate their rate of reimbursement, choose which assignments they want to accept and how they will accomplish the job. We only contract with individuals who meet the criteria to be an independent contractor. Follow the Pre-Screen instructions below to determine whether you are qualified to be an independent contractor with At Home Solutions.

I enjoy the challenge of working with my client. It’s inspiring to see what he accomplishes each day. We’ve really learned how to work together. I put a lot of effort into my work. To do this job well, you’ve got to have experience and you’ve got to have a love for people. I do what needs to be done to do the job right. I’ve done it for the last 15 years. It’s very challenging, but I wouldn’t change this job for anything!”           Independent Contractor with At Home Solutions


Pre-Screen Questionnaire Instructions – Read First

  1. Before starting your Pre-Screen Questionnaire, compile the information you will need, such as work and business experience and personal identifying information.
  2. After clicking on the Pre-Screen Questionnaire link below you will be taken to a new site, CMS.
  3. Once on the CMS site, on the right hand side, you will need to fill in all of the information and create a user name and password. Please write down the user name and password as you will need it later if you are accepted for contract.
  4. After completing the initial information and creating your user name and password you will be logged into the site and will need to accept the user agreement.
  5. After accepting the user agreement you will be able to begin the Pre-Screen Questionnaire.
  6. At Home Solutions will be notified when you have completed the Pre-Screen Questionnaire and will contact you.

Pre-Screen Questionnaire


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