Dedicated Home Care

Unlike agencies that use sales staff or rotating schedulers to work with their clients, At Home Solutions will provide you with a professional advisor from the day services begin. That means that the same person who first meets the client at home is also the person who follows up with in-home visits and regular phone calls to develop a rapport and better understand each person’s unique needs. Our clients continually tell us that this is very important.

“ When I call my advisor I know she’s not going to put me on the back burner. If I have a need, she’s going to address it. She’s not going to leave that office until it’s taken care of.”
— Client from Casa Grande

Dedicated Caregiver Relationship

At Home Solutions maintains a network of credentialed and experienced independent caregivers seeking to develop long lasting relationships with their clients. Some agencies use schedulers whose only role is to make sure that a warm body is provided, so the client never knows who is coming to provide care on a given day. Rather than use that “middle man” process, your advisor will offer you choices:

  • You can meet and interview an independent caregiver and choose who you want to work with; or
  • You can request your advisor select an independent caregiver for you.

Each client’s situation is very unique, therefore we customize everything we do based on the individual situation. Once an independent caregiver is selected, you will have the flexibility of working directly with them to schedule your services and make changes.

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