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Healthy Hearts: A Holistic Approach

Posted on: February 19th, 2014 by Kim McCreery No Comments

In Matters of the Heart . . .

We have a loving heart, an aspiring heart, an inspiring heart, an

illumining heart and a fulfilling heart.” Sri Chinmoy

The heart is the center of our cardiovascular system and it also represents our emotional/spiritual essence.

Caring for our hearts is a two-fold task then. We should properly nourish, exercise, and rest our hearts and we should care for our emotional well-being through positive thoughts and actions including cultivating and nurturing loving relationships.

With Valentines Day and the Million Hearts Campaign going on, February is an ideal month to focus on Heart Health. I encourage all of you to think about ways you can improve your Heart Health every day. Prepare a salad filled with colorful vegetables and a sprinkling of walnuts then a hour later take a 30 minute walk with a loved one.

Heart Health doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. It is simply a matter of making conscious, loving choices every day. Below, are links to resources on the many ways to care for your heart!


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